Holiday Notice

Rsnav factory and warehouse in China is taking their largest national holiday weeks(2 weeks). Thus, there will be no shipping, warranty repair/replacement services from 24th, Jan to 4th, Feb. Telephone service for installation assist will remain available. Thank you.

S4 Android system news(updated 10. Jan.)

RSNAV S4 Android system is being prepared in follow specs.
2.0Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU, 6GB or 8GB Ram, At least 128GB ROM. USB 3.0(one) port, USB 2.0(two), USB DAC, SPDIF Digital Coaxial output, wired/wireless carplay and android auto.

S4 is expected to ship from the end of February, 2022 and we will accept preorders only after we publish a YouTube showcase of final product.

Currently we are doing beta test in China and it revealed some design issues, so we are redesigning the mainboard and that is the cause of the delay.

Thanks you for your endless interest.

Service delay notice

Automotive IC parts supply is still bad and it will continue to be so at least for another year. Currently, average waiting time for S3 is a month and standalone also can be delayed up to 2 weeks. Allow the lead time of a month for your purchase, and there is no way for us to expedite. The IC shortage is a industry wide problem since Covid-19. It will be gone someday, but it is still with us.

Public Advice on visitors.

First of all, we, RSNAV team, thank you for your interest and business with us. The numbers of inquiries and expressed trusts on our products are somewhat overwhelming but we are not handling it in a reasonable time frame(48 hours). Currently, our e-mail response time is prolonged and average waiting time for an answer is 3~5 business days.

If your answers are not answered in 3~5 business days, don't hesitate to call us within the consultation hours prescribed in the contact us page. Oddly, a good number of e-mails are simply ends up in spams or just vaporizing. Especially when the inquiry contains some transaction relate words. Our primary e-mail service is Gmail and all the e-mails are then carbon copied to our teammates to their e-mail addresses but it seems multiple spam filters and blockers are redundantly working and causing some e-mails to be marooned.

We eager to restructure our client service group and reorganize our e-mail system within next 6 months.

User Manual in the wiki is outdated and being rewritten.

RSNAV S3 user guide video by Daniel KIM

Watch on youtube to jump into the subject that you have question or interested into.

For RSNAV S2, S3 Android system installation and technical questions , please write to

Looking for fast help from other RSNAV users, want to help others? Please join our user community! The link to the dedicated Facebook group is in the left menu. is operated by a very small team of dedicated staff. Despite our small team, we are in the process of growing our team to be able to help you quicker and more efficiently. Due to the popularity of our products we are experiencing a growth that is proving challenging to keep up with. Please be patient as we grow to better server you in the future.

We highly recommend joining the RSNAV group in Facebook, where Daniel monitors posts and questions on a frequent basis, even when outside of his office. Being a user community, there are also a growing number of RSNAV users that are very eager to help others.

Do not message Daniel or the RSNAV page using Facebook Messenger. It is NOT monitored and questions posted through messenger will not be read or answered. Please refer to the Contact Us page for the most appropriate email address to send your questions to.

Thank you, the RSNAV team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are products shipped? Why isn't my tracking number working yet?

Except the standalone interface line product, from the date you place an order to the delivery to your doorstep would take up to A MONTH for All Android system products. This is due to forementioned LCD and IC shortages at the industry. This situation is likely continue until late 2022.  

At this time, the average waiting period with DHL is between 7 to 14 days. This means that for at least 7 business days your tracking number will be shown as 'Not yet picked up'. This is beyond our control, until such time as the worldwide shipping companies are able to increase their capacity. reserves the right to cancel a device registration if payment is cancelled or declined after shipping its products to a customer.

For example, if you file a chargeback, will cancel your device registration. This will result in the device functionality being suspended. Once the device has been suspended, Every 5 minutes, an 'inactivation warning' will appear on the screen on the affected RSNAV Android device. For Standalone devices, there will be a limited functionality until the required payment information has been provided to will not reinstate any device that has not been properly and fully paid for.

There is no way to retain a fully working RSNAV device without paying for it properly and in full. Any attempt to short pay, or steal the product from will be met with a quick response. We will pursue all attempts to defraud RSNAV.


last revised July, 14th, 2020