18th , January

Android 9.0 Version of S2 is delayed to May, 2020

Reason: incomplete software

Android 7.1 Version of S2 is available to reserve from 20th, January ($100 less than Android 9.0 Version).

Estimated time of shipping: After 7th, February, 2020

*Android 7.1 hardware is different from Android 9.0 hardware despite both will use the same resolution screen and the same cable. There will be upgrade program for Android 7.1 hardware to Android 9.0 hardware in the later time.

Fundraising participation information

10.25 inch for A6, A7, S6, S7, RS6, RS7 (C7/4G): 12 out of 70 reservation


Mon - Fri, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (U.S Eastern time)*

*For general inquiries and technical support while in an installation, Call us 1-802-552-3053. 

For any assistance concerning warranty service/repair/parts/shipping issues of discontinued RSA, RSB series Octacore Android 7 systemsyou may contact the following person directly:

Realsun Communications. LTD. 

Jack Zhang

Skype Messenger: realsunnavi

WeChat Messenger: piquenani



Shipping and Customs

Shipping takes averagely 10 to 15 days to Europe and North America due to Chinese Government Export Control, except Standalone Smartphone Interface Product. Warranty shipping(Replacement) could take up to 30 days. Customs and duties are not included in the price and shipping. For EU, custom charges are averagely €80~180 depending on country.