Erratum: 9" C7 device does not have 1280x720px HD screen, but 1024x600px regrets that we had announced our new 9" screen for C7 vehicles would have 1280x720 HD screen, but it turned out that the 1280x720 screen would cause jamming in the flip-up mechanism for its thickness. In light of this issue, we decided to go to 1024x600 SD screen for 9" devices. If you had reserved a 9"device already and do not wish to continue your order, please contact us.

Once again, we regret that we had to decide such change and it is our apology for the disappointment.

It's back. The New RSNAV S4 8.9" HD Android system for B8 car.

As promised, we are bring back the most factory looking unit of our own. Previously it had 8.8 inch 1280 x 480 SD display, but not it comes with 8.9 inch 1920 x 720 HD display. Will begin shipping around early June. Reserve yours now!

Note that the new display isn't compatible with older 8.8 mainboard thus we have no plan for an upgrade kit.

RSNAV S4 9" HD Android system for C7 cars are open for reservation.

Shipping is expected from the late MAY, 2023.

S4 Standalone system will be available for reservation soon as well. The first batch shipment for S4 Standalone system is expected in Early June.

RSNAV S3, 4 1920 x 720 HD and 1280 x 480 SD model software updates

All available at here with instructions

S3 updates
1. Mostly fixing Carplay connection issue (again and again)
2. small bug fixes

S4 updates for 8.8 with MCU, and 10.25" 12.3" without MCU.

  1. you can now disable the audio effects which would result a better sound is some cases
  2. fixed Carplay issue with connection addressed again
  3. fixed 360 degree 3D viewer related bugs
  4. Time synchronization should be slightly better.
  5. Audi A6, A7 variants climate control overlay works in Android.

If you haven't updated more than six month, then you'd need new MCU too. I uploaded the latest public version (Nov. 2022), but that may get an update too soon.

If you find any trouble and weirdo, let us know.

New Product Line Up (Reservation will open in sometime April, 2023)

- S4 10.25" Standalone versions(A.K.A Standard version) for B8, PQ35, 8V, C7 under $300USD
- 9" S4 Pro and Ultimate for C7 with RSNAV custom hardware and cheaper price than Aliexpress

Details will be added in coming days!

2023 Important news for RSNAV customers

- Existing S4 Pro and Ultimate will receive Android version update from Android 10 to Android 13 before this summer. This is a complimentary update. I am sorry but RSNAV S2 ~ S3 can't get this benefit.
- We are reviewing and will fix bugs that has been reported in coming days with techniciens for S4 Android system and improvements will be applied in late March update for all.
- S4 standalone version featuring Carplay/Android Auto without Android system can be showed in coming days. Shipping is expected around this May.
- We are going to make 9inch version of S4 Pro and Ultimate with flipping screen for A6, A7 4G body and expected to release this May.
- We will start to design S4 10.25", 12.3" version for A8 D4.
- We are working on Q7's dashboard cluster button adaptors.
- S3 8.8 inch versions will receive the update for the CarPlay sooner or later.

Speaking of the RSNAV version of virtual cockpit we are on a negotiation to comission in near future.

Shipping Delays

For March, 2023, we are already booked with 150 orders to be produced.

For Android 8.8", 10.25", and 12.3", the average processing time is 3 ~ 6 weeks now. It's 1 ~ 2 weeks for the standalone interface without monitor size upgrade.

DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU CAN'T WAIT. There are average of 50 orders ahead of you and the number is not decreasing.

There is no way for us to expedite an order for any reason. Everyone wants it fast and urgerntly.

We hope your generosity on this though times.

It is strongly suggested to contact us via e-mail( and if you feel your previous inquiry/request is neglected. We will give you an initial response within 48 hours.

'What is e-mail? Can I trust?' is a China stationed staff e-mail account and make sure this e-mail is not blocked or filtered in the spam. We are having issue with e-mail forwarding service on domain, thus using external e-mail service. We are sorry for the confusion and inconvenience

RSNAV S4 Ultimate Installation Guide by Daniel Polniak

Thank Daniel for his passion for the good of Audi owners.

Looking for screen protectors for your RSNAV S4?

For customers in the America, if you are looking for the best anti-glare, anti-smear screen protector for your RSNAV S4, please visit their RSNAV compatible products are laser cut to fit your RSNAV screen perfectly. S3 ones are also compatible with S4.

Updated instructions for RSNAV S4 Android headunits

For wiring diagrams and extra information for other car models, please visit

RSNAV S3, S4 Installation Walk-through Guides (Special thanks to our enthusiast Daniel Polniak.)

S4 Video Show cases and S3 legacy instructions

Some of following videos are time indexed so you can skip to the parts that you are interested in if you watch in YouTube site.

Looking for fast help from other RSNAV users, want to help others? Please join our user community! The link to the dedicated Facebook group is in the left menu. is operated by a very small team of dedicated staff. Despite our small team, we are in the process of growing our team to be able to help you quicker and more efficiently. Due to the popularity of our products we are experiencing a growth that is proving challenging to keep up with. Please be patient as we grow to better server you in the future.

We highly recommend joining the RSNAV group in Facebook, where Daniel monitors posts and questions on a frequent basis, even when outside of his office. Being a user community, there are also a growing number of RSNAV users that are very eager to help others.

Do not message Daniel or the RSNAV page using Facebook Messenger. It is NOT monitored and questions posted through messenger will not be read or answered. Please refer to the Contact Us page for the most appropriate email address to send your questions to.

Thank you, the RSNAV team. reserves the right to cancel a device registration if payment is cancelled or declined after shipping its products to a customer.

For example, if you file a chargeback, will cancel your device registration. This will result in the device functionality being suspended. Once the device has been suspended, Every 5 minutes, an 'inactivation warning' will appear on the screen on the affected RSNAV Android device. For Standalone devices, there will be a limited functionality until the required payment information has been provided to will not reinstate any device that has not been properly and fully paid for.

There is no way to retain a fully working RSNAV device without paying for it properly and in full. Any attempt to short pay, or steal the product from will be met with a quick response. We will pursue all attempts to defraud RSNAV.


last revised Nov, 6th, 2022