Warning Against using PayPal

PayPal had suspended our primary business account without any explanation and RSNAV appealed through government channel. Then they lifted the suspension without any explanation.

Meanwhile, we setuped secondary PayPal account while the primary was frozen, but now the secondary is frozen and two transactions are being held without our control.

Frankly, we have no idea why PayPal is doing this and their customer service centre is not providing a good explanation at all. We believe this is happening right after we refunded security deposit to a Russian customer, and this may have something to do with government sanctions.

Although our primary business account have no restriction anymore, we can't recommend PayPal as a reliable way to pay us.

Please use PayPal with caution that they can hold your money up to 180 days leaving us no choice of refund you immediately. We are waiting an official explanation from them.

RSNAV will remain standing by its business rules and ethics. Thank you.

No shipping between 13th, Jan., 2023 and 30th, Jan.,2023

As you are advised, we are stopping our shipping from 13th, Jan., 2023 until 30th, Jan.,2023 for Chinese New Year Holidays. E-mail and telephone support remain open at this period.

Happy New Year!

For your entertainment, RSNAV's Daniel KIM obtained the very first aftermarket Virtual Cockpit for Audi A4, Q5 B8 cars and reviewed it.

Chinese New Year Order Deadline Passed.

We thank you for this year and hope you our best for next year as well.

Chinese New Year is very early in 2023 from 23rd, January. Like customary, all production and logistics will be stopped for two weeks of CNY period.

As our backlog does not decrease at all.

Now all orders for S4 received after 20th, December, 2022 can only be delivered in early February, 2023 earlist.

For Standalone interface, the dead line is at the end of the second week of January, 2023. After that week, Standalone interface delivery also will be delayed to early February or later.

For this year as we are already booked with 100 orders to be produced.

For Android 8.8", 10.25", and 12.3", the average processing time is 3 to 6 weeks now. It's 1 ~ 2 weeks for the standalone interface.

DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER IF YOU CAN'T WAIT. There are average of 100 orders ahead of you and not decreasing.

2022 is challenging due to :

- Global automotive electric parts shortage

- Slowed logistics with higher energy cost

- Global instableness from Disease, War, and Political Power Games.

AN AVERAGE waiting time for popular 2022 car models is 1 to 1.5 year, if you didn't know, and we hope you understand that only 1.5 month of delay for small business like RSNAV is exceptionally well performing. There is no way for us to expedite an order for any reason. Everyone wants it fast and urgerntly.

We hope your generosity on this though times.

It is strongly suggested to contact us via e-mail(info@rsnav.com and rsnav01@163.com) if you feel your previous inquiry/request is neglected. We will give you an initial response within 48 hours.

RSNAV Standalone interface is now phasing out

Carlinkit, an RSNAV partner, notified us that they no longer carrying following Standalone Interface variants effective immediately:
C6,Q7 3G MMI/3GP
All C7 (2010~2018 A6, A7 etc)
D4 3GP(older A8, S8)
PQ35 all models(Q3)

They will supply mass-market models for B8 3G MMIs, B9, 8V MIBs for the time being.

They no longer have a plan to produce newer standalone interface for Audi vehicles and they will be concentrating an Android interface for existing factory CarPlay system(so called 'AI Box').

RSNAV regret this decision, but we will continue to serve Audi vehicle owners with its in-house produced Series 4 system.

'What is rsnav01@163.com e-mail? Can I trust?'

Rsnav01@163.com is a China stationed RSNAV.com staff e-mail account and make sure this e-mail is not blocked or filtered in the spam. We are having issue with e-mail forwarding service on RSNAV.com domain, thus using external e-mail service. We are sorry for the confusion and inconvenience

RSNAV S4 Ultimate Installation Guide by Daniel Polniak

Thank Daniel for his passion for the good of Audi owners.

Additional notes for RSNAV S4 Installer in regard to sound line planning

Please read before you begin installation! Click here or or visit rsnavwiki.com

Looking for screen protectors for your RSNAV S4?

For customers in the America, if you are looking for the best anti-glare, anti-smear screen protector for your RSNAV S4, please visit Photodon.com their RSNAV compatible products are laser cut to fit your RSNAV screen perfectly. S3 ones are also compatible with S4.

Updated instructions for RSNAV S4 Android headunits

For wiring diagrams and extra information for other car models, please visit RSNAVWiki.com

RSNAV S3, S4 Installation Walk-through Guides (Special thanks to our enthusiast Daniel Polniak.)

S4 Video Show cases and S3 legacy instructions

Some of following videos are time indexed so you can skip to the parts that you are interested in if you watch in YouTube site.

Looking for fast help from other RSNAV users, want to help others? Please join our user community! The link to the dedicated Facebook group is in the left menu.

RSNAV.com is operated by a very small team of dedicated staff. Despite our small team, we are in the process of growing our team to be able to help you quicker and more efficiently. Due to the popularity of our products we are experiencing a growth that is proving challenging to keep up with. Please be patient as we grow to better server you in the future.

We highly recommend joining the RSNAV group in Facebook, where Daniel monitors posts and questions on a frequent basis, even when outside of his office. Being a user community, there are also a growing number of RSNAV users that are very eager to help others.

Do not message Daniel or the RSNAV page using Facebook Messenger. It is NOT monitored and questions posted through messenger will not be read or answered. Please refer to the Contact Us page for the most appropriate email address to send your questions to.

Thank you, the RSNAV team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast are products shipped? Why isn't my tracking number working yet?

Except the standalone interface line product, from the date you place an order to the delivery to your doorstep would take up to A MONTH for All Android system products. This is due to forementioned LCD and IC shortages at the industry. This situation is likely continue until late 2022.  

At this time, the average waiting period with DHL is between 7 to 14 days. This means that for at least 7 business days your tracking number will be shown as 'Not yet picked up'. This is beyond our control, until such time as the worldwide shipping companies are able to increase their capacity.

Rsnav.com reserves the right to cancel a device registration if payment is cancelled or declined after shipping its products to a customer.

For example, if you file a chargeback, RSNAV.com will cancel your device registration. This will result in the device functionality being suspended. Once the device has been suspended, Every 5 minutes, an 'inactivation warning' will appear on the screen on the affected RSNAV Android device. For Standalone devices, there will be a limited functionality until the required payment information has been provided to RSNAV.com. Rsnav.com will not reinstate any device that has not been properly and fully paid for.

There is no way to retain a fully working RSNAV device without paying for it properly and in full. Any attempt to short pay, or steal the product from RSNAV.com will be met with a quick response. We will pursue all attempts to defraud RSNAV.


last revised Nov, 6th, 2022