Production Schedule

10th December 2019 Update

RSNAV decided to delay the release of S2 series to February. It is to change the SoC from Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 to Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 to cover wider range of LTE modem capability and update OS to Android 9.0 Pie. 

Following is confirmed to be released:

12.3" for B8(8R, 8K, 8T) LHD RHD CONCERT 3G MMI

10.25" for B8(8R, 8K, 8T), LHD RHD CONCERT 3G MMI

8.8" for B8.5(8K2 only, older B8 to be considered) LHD only CONCERT 3G MMI

10.25" for B9(A4, A5) LHD

10.25" for 80W(Q5) LHD

8.8" for PQ35(Q3)

8.8" for 8V(Q)

8.8" for C6(A6) and 4L(Q7) 3G MMI

Following is Cancelled:

10.25" for C7(A6,A7): Insufficient development fund. $10,000 USD upfront cost for plastic tooling. May reconsider if 100 people can raise $10,000 USD by depositing $100USD/Person for reservation. See Reservation section. 

Following is Not in Consideration:

2G MMI Cars: Design holder's Intellectual Property Transfer issue is unresolved. 

D3, D4 Android System: Plastic tooling cost $20,000 USD each.

B8 8.8inch RHD: Plastic tooling cost $15,000 USD each. Fundraising available. 

If you have a product that you want for your Audi that RSNAV isn't producing, feel free to submit a request of a fundraising to

Please read this section before you purchase

RSNAV is currently under business restructuring and downsizing to produce new S2 Android Systems(coming from January).  Only three crews are handling everything until this restructure is complete by the end of December. Precisely, RSNAV is migrating its production facility and building a new team for Android System. Even though this will not effect RSNAV's standalone product lines, generally speaking RSNAV's capacity to provide excellent customer service is very limited at this time. Nevertheless, the whole idea of RSNAV is to provide the best infotainment experience for your Audi vehicle, thus Daniel and crews are working hard behind the scene to offer you the best. We hope you to understand this exceptional circumstance as a preparation of a huge leap for year 2020. 

Some orders are likely to be delayed as the aftermath of black friday and cyber monday is hitting hard on logistics. For non-express shipments, allow up to 45 days to be delivered. 

Daniel KIM who reply most of e-mails recently injured from slipping on icy stairs and cannot sit long time thus e-mail response is now being delayed significantly.  Thus , you are welcome to call him using the number provided in Contact Us page if you need an immediate assistance. 

For immediate assistance concerning warranty service/repair/parts/shipping issues of RSA, RSB series Octacore Android 7 systems, you may contact the following person directly:

RSNAV Factory Direct 

Jack Zhang

Skype: realsunnavi


Daniel KIM will still be available to help you on every matter, but his email backlog is phenomenal and average waiting time to get an replay is 72 hours. Please, contact Jack with your RSS, RSN order number for warranty service/repair/parts/shipping issues. It is not for product information, pre-purchase inquiry, or installation support

Ms. Deng is normally processing all the standalone interface product orders

As advised since October, All MT8783 based unit will be discontinued by the end of December, 2019. Thus, it is advised that you may purchase these products only when you have no other alternative. e.g. 2G MMI systems. 

Hardware support for MT8783 platform also will be terminated sometime around January, 2020 as Mediatek device technicians are leaving and Mediatek production line is closing. It is highly advised that if you have any concern or request concerning hardware, please contact us as soon as possible. will continue to serve its MT8783 customers with its stocked parts and will be able to provide limited repair service.

There may be a clearance sale for MT8387 items THAT WILL BE FINAL SALES/NO RETURN/LIMITED CUSTOMER SERVICE. Nevertheless, this is a discretion of the factory's decision. 

At this point forward, all MT8783 sales are final and not subject to future trade with newer android product(s).  

This will not effect normal operation of, Standalone devices, and coming S2 Android series development.  RSNAV crews regret this restructure, but wish your generous understanding as this is inevitable change due to major market condition change. 


RSNAV will discontinue all its product based on MT8783(3GB RAM, 32GB ROM) by December, 2019 as a major component suppliers are stopping production and support. Production and Service will continue while the current inventory of supplies last.


Mon - Fri, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (U.S Eastern time)*

*For general inquiries, allow up to 48~72 hours to be answered. For technical support while in an installation, Call us 1-802-552-3053(Pre-arranged calls only). 

Shipping and Customs

Shipping takes averagely 10 to 15 days to Europe and North America due to Chinese Government Export Control, except Standalone Smartphone Interface Product. Warranty shipping(Replacement) could take up to 30 days. Customs and duties are not included in the price and shipping. For EU, custom charges are averagely €80~180 depending on country.