27th, May

S2 System update has been uploaded to google repository. Check Wiki section for the instruction. 

23rd, May

10.25" device for Q3 with factory navigation completed beta test and shipping from 25th, May. 

20th, April

4th GEN M. Standalone Interface firmware is updated from 9.1.9 to 9.2.2.

2nd, April

S2 Software updates are uploaded in with update log. 

24th, March

Orders are being processed normally, but global logistics are slow now. Allow up to 20 days for DHL, and 45 days for surface parcel. 

S2 MCU update is available. Visit Wiki for more details. Do not update it if you don't have the issue mentioned in the update. 

22nd, February

Preliminary Installation Manuals are ready for following S2 devices

B8, B8.5 8K, 8T, 8R(A4, A5, S4, S5, RS4, RS5, Q5, SQ5)

B9 8W(A4, A5, S4, S5, RS4, RS5)

B9 80A(Q5, SQ5)

8V(A3, S3, RS3)

PQ35(Q3, SQ3, RSQ3)

11th, February

New Comprehensive manual for Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto Interface for Audi cars is now available. 

26th, January

Installation manual(Preliminary) is available for the RSNAV Cockpit Video Interface

22nd, January

MMI Type Guide has been created in main menu. 

18th , January

Android 9.0 Version of S2 is delayed to June or July, 2020

Reason: incomplete software

Android 7.1 Version of S2 is available to reserve from 20th, January ($100 less than Android 9.0 Version).

*Android 7.1 hardware is different from Android 9.0 hardware despite both will use the same resolution screen and the same cable. There will be mainboard upgrade program for Android 7.1 hardware to Android 9.0 hardware in the later time.


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Shippings and Customs

Shipping may take up to 45 days from the date of your order placement (Effective as April 2020 until worldwide logistics come back to normal before COVID-19).

Customs and duties are not included in the price and shipping unless explicitly noted. For EU, custom charges are averagely €80~180 depending on country, unless chosen with Delivered Duty Paid option.