12.3" RSNAV Series 5 Android 13 Snapdragon 668 8GB/128GB New DSP, Digital Audio Output, Fast Charge Port for Audi B8 A4/S4/A5/S5/RS5/Q5/SQ5

Sale price $700.00 USD Regular price $800.00 USD

New thinner bezel model - new rectangular edge

Expect a 1.5 month to receive your order. 

This model is NOT available for RHD(UK, SA, JP, so on)

For new hazard button that we supply, you may or may not have "Pass.airbag off" marking. We don't want to charge you 20$ for extra decaling, nor do we want to make 1,000 pcs at 20,000$. We do not have all the 'plastics' that corresponds your indication, so for plastics, we will send what is available. However, we will setup a small dip switch on the new button electronic board according to your entry to prevent airbag warning indicator to light up on your speedometer after you install our product. If the error indicator lights up, you will need a special tool(VAG COM or OBDEleven, or similar automotive specialty diagnosis device) to reset them. 

You may need Audi Aux to AMI adaptor and it is NOT included in the kit. In some cases, you need this cable to get sound from RSNAV device. You are advised to purchase it from Amazon or your local Audi dealer.

[important] All RSNAV S5 models will be provided with external wired Microphone that has to be installed either on A-pillar trim or dashboard to maximize the effectiveness of new Bluetooth handsfree echo elimination. This mic has to be installed to use any android apps that requires mic functionality(e.g. Google Assistant, Google AI Assistant Gemini, RSNAV GOCSDK Bluetooth handsfree, Sound recording app, etc). This is irrelevant to the functionality of OEM mic installed in your car or features that is using the factory mic(e.g. CarPlay/Android Auto set to use Audi Bluetooth only in RSNAV Car Settings App)

S5 Pro: Full android system with features below

S5 Ultimate: S5 Pro + 360 degree 3D bird eye view support + 4 AHD cameras 

 Comparison Chart

RSNAV S5 RSNAV S4 AliExpress's Best
CPU Snapdragon 668 Snapdragon 665 Snapdragon 665
RAM/ROM 8GB/128GB 8GB/128GB 6,8GB/128GB,256GB
OS Android 13 Android 10 Android 13 claimed
LCD Max Brightness** Applicable only to the 10.25" panel 1200 ccd 1200 ccd varies average 800 ccd and up to 1000 ccd 
LCD resolution 8.9", 10.25", 12.3": 1920 x 720 8.9", 10.25", 12.3": 1920 x 720

Lower price model 8.8": 1280 x 480, 10.25":1280 x 480

Higher Price model 10.25", 12.3": 1920 x 720 etc.

Full I2S digital Audio Circuit(analog noise insertion resisting) Yes Yes No
Bluetooth  5.0/4.2 BLE with 3 different modes for every peripheral use scenario supporting police radar detector apps or any other Bluetooth serial comm. Apps. 5.0/4.2 BLE with 3 different modes for every peripheral use scenario supporting police radar detector apps or any other Bluetooth serial comm. Apps. 4.x or 5.x in 2.1 backward compatible mode with limited functionality (Handsfree, Music streaming, CarPlay only)
Digital Sound output Digital Coaxial (PCM), Optical Fibre(Toslink) Digital Coaxial (PCM), Optical Fibre(Toslink) none

USB-C Charge only,
USB 2.0 Data,
USB 2.0 CarPlay

USB 3.0 (1), USB 2.0(2) USB 2.0 (2~3)
CVBS, AHD 720p Camera support Yes Yes Yes
AHD 1080p camera support Yes Yes Some claimed
Wired CarPlay without accessory Yes Yes No
Wireless CarPlay Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Android Auto Yes Yes  Some claimed
Wired Android Auto Yes Yes Yes
Screen mirroring Yes Yes


Price $650~800USD $650~800USD $350*~800, $350 units are mostly outdated Android 7.0 with lowest resolution of 1280x720 for 10.25" and MediaTek CPU 2GB RAM/32GB ROM similar to RSNAV S1 offered 4 years ago. 
4G LTE Modem

World Wide Modem
LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/ B20/B28


World Wide Modem
LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/ B20/B28


China modem
LTE FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8 
LTE TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41


Texas Instrument High Performance DAC + dedicated audio LDO , Android Standard EQ api support

Dynamic Range of 112dB
SNR 112dB
THD -93dB
Full-scale single-ended output @ 2.1Vrms

13 band HW EQ,
Dynamic Range of  99db
SNR 99dB
THD -87dB
Full-scale single-ended output @ 2Vrms


Analog 13 bands: EQ is digital but outcome is post-processed in analog thus usually lose much of bass and weak to environment noise insertion

Specs and features
CPU: 2.0Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 668 CPU Kyro 260 Processor
ROM: 128GB
SPDIF Digital Coaxial and Toslink output
Wired CarPlay and Wired Android Auto
Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto
USB-C fast charge port
USB 2.0 data port
USB 2.0 Wired CarPlay port

- True Android 13 API 33 with better Picture-In-Picture mode support

- All new high-performance audio auxiliary circuit designed by Texas Instruments

Visualization of S5 Sound Improvement (Analog Output)
This is FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) chart which is running 7 second sine wave sweep of frequencies from 5Hz to 22kHz all in the same conditions(EQ, Input level, Volume).
Audi stock system is well known for its stronger bass oriented sound setup (Blue lines)
RSNAV S4 Pro is known for more clarity of sounds but weaker bass (Orange lines)
RSNAV S5 has following characteristics (Gray lines)

A. Ultra Low Bass range is as good as Audi stock.
B. Higher Band of Bass(100Hz ~ 300Hz) is better than Audi Stock and S4
C. Mid range and High Range of frequencies are also better than Audi Stock and S4.
D. Overall response is well balanced or 'FLAT'

You can use your favorite Equalizer App from Google Play Store or basic sound equalizer app the is provided with the RSNAV software. In S4 or earlier model, third party EQ app is not recommended due to possible distortions as hardware EQ was already in force. Also, the hardware EQ was not flexible enough to accommodate further fine tuning.  

- I2S Digital Sound circuit full digital sound processing that is free from any noise* within the PCB.  It means we guarantee that there is no noise insertion from our system up to both analog and digital outputs. Superior to any existing aftermarket Audi product.  

- S/PDIF Digital Sound output(Optical Fiber and Coaxial) for aftermarket DSP system. This is Direct Path Through output from Android core to Texas Instrument's Digital Audio Interface Transceiver with max Sampling rate 192 kHz. Unlike previous generation S4 model which has the digital audio signals were altered by Rohm Japan's DSP chip, S5 transfers the whole digital sound signal from audio sources(file or streaming source) without any influence of the hardware design.  

- Echo Cancelling on RSNAV Bluetooth(GOCSDK) Handsfree powered by Qualcomm

- Seamless factory Bluetooth system integration in CarPlay/Android Auto

- Bluetooth 5.0/BLE is readily available to be used in triple modes

GOCSDK mode for Conventional Handsfree and Music Streaming with the supports for Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto

HPF+A2DP mode Bluetooth Sink Using Android 10.0 native support (Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto disabled in this mode), Similar to GOCSDK mode, but using Qualcomm's official way to use Bluetooth Hands-free and Music Streaming from your phone. Many apps will be requiring this mode in coming future. 

SPP+HID mode for Normal Bluetooth mode connecting to Audi Original BT system to stream music from RSNAV device and connect to specialty Bluetooth devices such as radar detector system, OBD Eleven, etc that require full Bluetooth 5.0/4.2 BLE feature. (Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto disabled in this mode)

- A True USB-C Power Delivery/Quick Charge

- 4K HEVC Playback

- Native Wired CarPlay via USB 2.0 without any dongle accessory. Quick and most stable way to use CarPlay without any hassle due to radio interference or instability.

- AHD/CVBS Aftermarket HD class front/rear view camera support (up to AHD 1080p 25hz)

- Most advance integration with Audi OEM system
  OEM Interface for Audi Factory Navigation, Car Settings, Oil Level, etc still accessible in the conventional way using knobs and buttons.
  Parking Sensor and OEM Rear view/Front view/360degree view system works as they were. Even most car models parking sensor display can be overlayed on aftermarket camera. 
 Reverse view switching is automatic on both manual and automatic transmission vehicles without splicing additional wire from parking button or reverse light.
 Aftermarket Rearview camera mimics the factory reverse camera behavior. Reverse view appears when shifting to Reverse and the same view (or switch automatically to front view if a front camera is installed) will continue to be displayed after shifting into Drive mode until the vehicle reaches 10mph or 15km/h.
 Factory Bluetooth system can be used simultaneously without hassle. 
 Android Navigation Guidance Voices(eg. Google Maps), and Android handsfree voice can be heard through left side speakers(Mostly B8, C6, 8V, 8U)/middle speaker(Mostly C7, B9) while you are listening to FM/AM/Satellite Radio.
 Audi Voice command key on the steering wheel can be used to activate Siri, Google Assistant. 

Ultimate version - Four AHD cameras and 3D 360degree view app to see your car surrounding seamlessly in real time 3D. Image Quality is similar to that of 2020s Audi C8, D5 cars(A6, A7, A8 variants) - Details to be followed

Ultimate version is the same device like pro version except it is supplied with exclusive 3D Birdseye view app and four AHD Sony Starlight Cameras working at 720p.

Note that no replacement mirror cover with pre-drilled hole for camera is included in the kit. You may need to purchase spare mirror covers separately. We do not have them.

At this time, We have to remind you that installing 3D 360 degree view system is really difficult job.  You need to remove all door interior panels, side mirror assemblies, pass wire through the front firewall(OEM method is passing inside the fenders, remove trunk/tailgate trims. Further more, it is hard and time consuming to pass additional wires from body to doors using OEM passage. There is no way to reuse the OEM harness and cameras are not direct replacement to the OEM equipment. If you are hiring someone else to do this, the minimum labor cost is likely 2,000 US dollars or 20 working hours.