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Chief of Operation: Mr. 'Daniel' Daehyun KIM

Android Support team: Mrs. May, XIA/Mr. Leo, WANG

Shipping manager: Mr. Huang, Mr. Nan

Headquarter Address: 10122 St-Vincent, Mirabel, QC, Canada J7N-2Y2

Presale, Order, Order processing, Payment, Initial Warranty Service, Refund, Business cooperation related questions: Use the contact form below. 

RSNAV S2, S3, S4 Android system installation, technical support:,

RSNAV S2, S3, S4 Android system shipping related inquiries only: (Directly monitored by shipping department)

Follow up communication only related to the replacement/refund/repair for a S2, S3, S4 Android system: 

(Directly monitored by RMA department. Do not submit your initial request to this e-mail. Use contact form below, or else It will be ignored. This is only for follow up inquiries)

Some examples of the correct e-mail to send your inquiries to:

"When will you ship my S4 Android orders?":

"When will you ship my standalone interface?": Use contact form below

"I would like to request a replacement.": Use contact form below

"I sent my old android unit back and would like to know if you received it.":

"I installed the RSNAV S3 Android product and XXX is not working": or

Shipping and RMA department may not answer to your e-mail directly. It is always recommended to send your e-mail to and just cc applicable department.

RSNAV Telephone: 1-802-552-3053 (By appointment and emergency only, to arrange a call, please use the contact form below. Do not call outside M-F, 1:00pm to 9:00pm, U.S. Eastern Time. Otherwise, the call may not be answered)

Skype: tgis.daehyun

(Skype is not monitored and is only provided for video conference call based installation support, when an appointment has been pre-booked and scheduled)