RSNAV Audi A6/A7/A8/S6/S7/RS6/RS7/S8 VW Touareg Instrument Cluster Video Interface

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Miracast 5Ghz Dongle Shown In the Above Video is NOT included!

Installation manual(Preliminary)

For Audi C7, D4

2010 ~ 2015 (up to 2018 for D4) 3G MMI + or RMC A6, A7, A8, S6, S7, S8, RS6, RS7 with 7" colour screen instrument cluster (Bosch, Hardware Version H7X, H80 only)

Not for the instrument cluster that can display Google Maps already, Not for C7.5 and Hardware version H1X, H3X, H5X Clusters)

For VW

Touareg with 7" colour screen instrument cluster(Bosch, Hardware Version H7X , H80 only e.g. HW71 HW79 HW80)

Not for the instrument cluster that can display Google Maps already. 

Not for A4, A5, Q5 with 7" colour screen instrument cluster(Magneti Marelli)

- Add HDMI 1.4 1080p input and two analog video inputs to your factory 7" OEM speedometer display

- Easy one-touch button switching: Audi Speedometer Display -> HDMI -> Analog Video 1 -> Analog Video 2 (loop, selection only when available)

- Automatic switching for analog video 1: if there is a video signal from an analog camera, the video is displayed until the signal is cut off. E.g. rearview camera input

** Warning: the video interface injects RGB signals between the LCD and Instrument Cluster Motherboard. As a consequence of prolonged data lines, the factory original graphics will have highlighted dots along with their high contrast area. This is not noticeable, but it presents. Thus, this is not a defect, but technological limitation. **

** Warning2: By any means, this addon device will NOT trigger any error codes or instrument cluster locking if properly installed. However, if you leave or damage the instrument cluster speaker lines while installing the device, you may have ACC malfunction. For the instrument cluster function, everything matters and has to assembled back properly, not leaving anything damaged or unplugged. Professional installation required. **

** Warning3: If you have remaining factory warranty in your vehicle, opening the instrument cluster's back cover voids your warranty on the instrument cluster. This does not mean that you lose all your warranty, but just the instrument cluster. 

KIT Contents

1 x video interface mainboard, bypass FFC cable
1 x One button switch extension cord
1 x power supply wiring harness 
1 x replacement backplate for Audi original instrument cluster and mounting accessories