9" RSNAV Series 4 Android 10 Snapdragon 665 8GB/128GB Digital Audio for Audi C7 A6/A7/S7/S6/S7/RS6/RS7

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In reservation, from 2nd, May. The first shipment is scheduled in the late May, 2023. Note that in order to keep the price lowest possible, this 9" version does not have a USB 3.0 port.

* You may need Audi Aux to AMI adaptor and it is NOT included in the kit. In some cases, you need this cable to get sound from RSNAV device. You are advised to purchase it from Amazon or your local Audi dealer. 

S4 Pro: Full android system with features below

S4 Ultimate: S4 Pro + 360 degree 3D bird eye view support + 4 AHD cameras 

Specs and features
CPU: 2.0Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU Kyro Gold
ROM: 128GB
LCD: 9" IPS 1024x600px LCD Screen
SPDIF Digital Coaxial and Toslink output
Wired CarPlay and Wired Android Auto
Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto
USB 2.0(two)


- Worldwide LTE Modem with Micro Sim card: Don't fall for Chinese LTE modem that is not working outside China. RSNAV unlocked modem works for 2 major US mobile service providers* and supports Band 20 for Europe.

- Exclusive full RSNAV® Software that is the most refined and versatile in the market comes with constant maintenance update via USB. You can't install this software on another maker's product.  

- Native Wired CarPlay via USB 2.0 without any dongle accessory. Quick and most stable way to use CarPlay without any hassle due to radio interference or instability.

- I2S Digital Sound circuit that makes  noise free so no longer USB DAC is required. 100% factory system sound quality is now preserved for all: Bose, B&O systems and standard sound system.

- Bluetooth 5.0/4.2 BLE is readily available to be used in triple modes

GOCSDK mode for Conventional Handsfree and Music Streaming with the supports for Wireless CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto

HPF+A2DP mode Bluetooth Sink Using Android 10.0 native support (Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto disabled in this mode), Similar to GOCSDK mode, but using Qualcomm's official way to use Bluetooth Hands-free and Music Streaming from your phone. Many apps will be requiring this mode in coming future. 

SPP+HID mode for Normal Bluetooth mode connecting to Audi Original BT system to stream music from RSNAV device and connect to specialty Bluetooth devices such as radar detector system, OBD Eleven, etc that require full Bluetooth 5.0/4.2 BLE feature. (Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto disabled in this mode)

- Digital Sound output(Optical Fiber and Coaxial) for aftermarket DSP system.

- 4K HEVC Playback

These are unique to RSNAV S4 systems for your Audi. For example, many manufacturers claim that they support BT 5.0, but it means only the hardware is capable but no software to use BT 5.0, but work 2.1 compatible mode. RSNAV is the first manufacturer for Audi that offers full Bluetooth library. Also many advertises DSP function, but they rely on analog 2ch sound processing and losing much bass sound and interferences. RSNAV, on the contrary, truly introducing full digital I2S sound processing to eliminate unwanted noise interferences. 

- Android 10 (to be updated to Android 13 this summer free of charge)

Indeed Android 10 sounds outdated whereas many offers Android 12 or up, but half of them are just fake Android 9 with 12 skin. Indeed, Some MediaTek devices indeed running Android 12 or up in the market. However, those MediaTek devices are buggy and incomplete in terms of software perfection. RSNAV's Android 10 is the most polished system that is continuously updated for its life time. Qualcomm released Android 12 source codes for Snapdragon 665 platform thus OS version may be upgradable. However, OS upgrade is not an easy job as most Android OS version increment results in tighter security measures that hinders integrations with car system while providing minimal feature upgrade. RSNAV will look into free OS update if and only if such update deemed  beneficial for drivers.  

- AHD/CVBS Aftermarket HD class front/rear view camera support (AHD 720p 25hz)

- Most advance integration with Audi OEM system
  OEM Interface for Audi Factory Navigation, Car Settings, Oil Level, etc still accessible in the conventional way using knobs and buttons.
  Parking Sensor and OEM Rear view/Front view/360degree view system works as they were. Even most car models parking sensor display can be overlayed on aftermarket camera. 
 Reverse view switching is automatic on automatic transmission vehicles. For manual vehicle, a signal wiring to the parking aid button or reverse light is required. 
  DSP tuned to harmonically work with factory amps(Standard, B&O, Bose).
Aftermarket Rearview camera mimics the factory reverse camera behavior. Reverse view appears when shifting to Reverse and the same view (or switch automatically to front view if a front camera is installed) will continue to be displayed after shifting into Drive mode until the vehicle reaches 10mph or 15km/h.
 Factory Bluetooth system can be used simultaneously without hassle. 
 Android Navigation Guidance Voices(eg. Google Maps), and Android handsfree voice can be heard through left side speakers(Mostly B8, C6, 8V, 8U)/middle speaker(Mostly C7, B9) while you are listening to FM/AM/Satellite Radio.
 Audi Voice command key on the steering wheel can be used to activate Siri, Google Assistant. 

Ultimate version - Four AHD cameras and 3D 360degree view app to see your car surrounding seamlessly in real time 3D. Image Quality is similar to that of 2020s Audi C8, D5 cars(A6, A7, A8 variants) - Details to be followed

Ultimate version is the same device like pro version except it is supplied with 360 camera decoding module inside the motherboard, exclusive 3D Birdseye view app and four AHD Sony Starlight Camera working at 720p.

Note that no replacement mirror cover with pre-drilled hole for camera is included in the kit. You may need to purchase spare mirror covers separately. We do not have them.

At this time, I have to remind you that to install 3D 360 degree view, you need to remove all door interior panels, side mirror assemblies, pass wire through the front firewall(OEM method is passing inside the fenders, remove trunk/tailgate trims. The worst is to passing wire from body to doors using OEM passage. There is no way to reuse the OEM harness and cameras are not direct replacement to the OEM equipment. If you are hiring someone else to do this, the minimum labor cost is likely 2,000 US dollars or 20 working hours.

*As of Spring 2023, Verizon, T-mobile. In 2023, AT&T changed their policy against unlocked cellphone access to their network, thus RSNAV device may not work with AT&T network without registering RSNAV device with them. Although, RSNAV Qualcomm modem satisfied the FCC norm, AT&T wants further registration with them with fees.