10.25" RSNAV Series 4 Standard System for Audi B8 A4/S4/RS4/A5/S5/RS5/Q5/SQ5

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* You may need Audi Aux to AMI adaptor and it is NOT included in the kit. In some cases, you need this cable to get sound from RSNAV device. You are advised to purchase it from Amazon or your local Audi dealer. 

S4 Standard: Wireless/wired CarPlay, Wireless, wired Android Auto only, Linux based, No App can be installed, SD Screens(480P)

S4 Pro: Full android system with HD Screens(720P)

S4 Ultimate: S4 Pro + 360 degree 3D bird eye view support + 4 AHD cameras

 Comparison Chart

RSNAV S4 Standard     RSNAV S4 Pro/Ultimate  Memo
CPU ARK1668 700Mhz Snapdragon 665
OS Linux 3.4.0 Android 10
LCD Max Brightness** Applicable only to the 10.25" panel 1000 ccd 1200 ccd
LCD resolution 1280 x 480 8.9", 10.25", 12.3": 1920 x 720
Full I2S digital Audio Circuit(analog noise insertion resisting) No Yes
Bluetooth  Reserved for CarPlay and Android Auto. No BT accessory is supported 5.0/4.2 BLE with 3 different modes for every peripheral use scenario supporting police radar detector apps or any other Bluetooth serial comm. Apps.
Digital Sound output No Digital Coaxial (PCM), Optical Fibre(Toslink)
USB USB 2.0(1) USB 3.0 (1), USB 2.0(2)
CVBS, AHD 720p Camera support No CVBS, only AHD 720p Yes
AHD 1080p camera support No Yes
Wired CarPlay without accessory Yes Yes
Wireless CarPlay Yes Yes
Wireless Android Auto Yes Yes 
Wired Android Auto Yes Yes
Screen mirroring Yes Yes
Price $280~300USD $650~800USD
4G LTE Modem

Not Equipped

World Wide Modem
LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/ B20/B28

No GPS module on standard version


24bit internal DAC
3 Bands EQ

Full Digital 13 bands: There is no signal processing after DAC thus even analog stereo output is just a direct product of clean digital signal

S4 standard features

- Wireless/wired CarPlay

- Wireless/ wired Android Auto

- Bluetooth phone call/Music streaming

- MP4 video playback

- Plug and Play 

It is Linux based, thus no Android App can be installed or run natively. 

S4 Standard cannot be upgraded to Pro or Ultimate as they are totally different hardware. Only the main wire may be compatible with Pro or Ultimate.

S4 standard no longer supports CVBS low resolution rear/front camera. It only supports AHD 720P 25Hz rear/front camera. 

Sound quality is better than our standalone smart interface kit and as good as our RSNAV S4 pro/ultimate with Rohm BU321 series DSP. Nevertheless, BU321 and TDA7729 have different characteristic. BU321 is digital audio operating based on i2s with high resolution, prominent high frequency responses.  TDA7729 is analog audio processor with profound bass.