20230811 RSNAV S4 Pro/Ultimate updates

Posted by Daniel Kim on


As this update includes XML update, before you update anything, please take a picture of all configuration under the factory settings options including AUO, Hstart option. Once XML gets updated all the known configuration will be lost and you need to configure them into previous configuration manually. There will be a lot of errors due to car mode mismatch resulting scrambled screen in OEM mode, loss of MMI control etc. Once XML is updated, reset the system by poking the reset hole with a paper clip. You should feel a click.  Then the system will boot into Android giving you few minutes to correct factory settings to the previous configurations. 

- Added CarPlay/Android Auto Sound channel feature
  Now you can use Audi factory handsfree and the bluetooth for CarPlay/Android Auto
  Update System, MCU and then XML, then there will be new setting for CarPlay/Android Auto 
  Sound channel and put it into Audi mode. 
  Then connect both GOCSDK and Audi Bluetooth from your phone and leave like that.
  Tune your MMI media into Audi Bluetooth and use normally.
  There will be no sound from external audio input then. 

- Updated Z-link to 5.4.2 reflecting above changes. 

- (Ultimate only) 360 degree app is updated to fix hanging problem if there is an SD card inserted into the system. Also supports more dynamic reverse view graphics. 

- Removed disc shape picture on the right in 3G MMI style UI, Added widget feature to the blank area. In order to assign a widget to the black area, press and hold the dashboard icon until you see add/remove option. 

For basic software update instructions and download new update see here