2024 April System & MCU update for S4 Pro/Ultimate 1920x720/1280x720

Posted by Daniel Kim on


- Restoring adjustable proportioning split screen that was gone missing since last update. (1:1 or 0.5:1.5)
- fixed occasional system hanging in plain black screen 

- CANBUS logic update to prevent frequent wake up of the system in background while the engine is not running

- Gocsdk Bluetooth music quality improved for concert/symphony/3g mmi basic,high people.(if anyone uses it for music streaming)

- includes zlink update, 360 app update


This is for 1920x720 S4 Pro/Ultimate and 1280x720 S4 Pro/Ultimate for C7 cars only. Different versions will be available on the further notice. 
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For basic software update instructions and download new update see here