[Fundraising] 10.25" device for C7 cars

Regular price $100.00 USD

This is not an actual product. 

Planned car type coverage:

A6, A7, S6, S7, RS6, RS7 in C7 (4G) platform

3G MMI High Plus (8" original display)

3G MMI Basic (6.5" original display)

MIB (8" original display after 2015 facelift - EU/2016 facelift the US)

This is fundraising to make about 100 sets of a plastic mount frame for C7 cars. We need about the US $7,000 to make it. The only thing that is missing for us to release the 10.25" device for C7 is the plastic mount frame. Your contribution will make this happen sooner or later.  

Here are the terms and conditions for the reservation

- To reserve your unit, you need to pay $100 now and this amount will be subtracted from your purchase of the actual product(Estimated to be $700). Android version is TBA, but 9.0 if rolled out after April 2020. 

- It is possible to cancel your reservation at any time, but your cancellation will discourage others and make the actual production delayed.