S3 Navigation System 8.8 " Android 9.0 4GB/64GB for Audi B8 A4/S4/A5/S5/Q5/SQ5

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 Please be advised that for 8.8" Device for sedans(A4, S4, A5, S5), the fitment of the plastic trim provided kit may need carving or adjustment to fit better. It is highly recommended to consider purchasing 10.25" which is well received by everyone. It absolutely looks gorgeous on the sedans. If you insist on the factory looking device, you may choose 8.8", but you are absolutely prohibited to return your purchase due to poor fitment. By checking the terms and conditions at the checkout, you absolutely understand and accept this warning.

Now 2G MMI High is shipping

- 2G MMI High model is NOT subject to the current sale price

- 2G MMI basic model with monochrome red screen is NOT compatible

- If you do not have aux, then you need to buy the aux sound creator for 2G MMI(Sold Separately)

New Coin Holder replacement style control knob for Concert/Symphony Radio will be only included from the orders from 22nd, January, 2021. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO RETROACTIVELY INCLUDE THIS CONTROL INTO YOUR PURCHASE MADE BEFORE THE ABOVE DATE.

With this new knob, for Concert/Symphony radio system, now sound output is changed to regular 3.5mm style aux output and you need to plug this audio plug into your aux port under centre armrest or glove compartment MMI port using 'AUX to AMI adaptor cable'.

Installation Manual

User Manual

8.8"  A4 Facelift Box Contents

8.8" A4 Pre Facelift Box Contents

8.8"Q5 Box Contents