[New Generation] Standalone smartphone interface kit for Audi cars with 3G/3G+/MIB MMI

[New Generation] Standalone smartphone interface kit for Audi cars with 3G/3G+/MIB MMI

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Smartphone interface with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto/Screen Mirroring For

Audi A3, S3, RS3: Platform MQB 8V(RMC/MMI/MIB)

Audi A4, A5, S4, S5, Q5, SQ5: NOT SUPPORTED - discontinued because of bad sound quality issue that cannot be solved without Apple's support. You may still purchase our standalone interface for B8 car models, but we do not recommend and not responsible for anything as it is evident that the sound quality would be noticeably degraded. Please consider our RSA series Android-based systems with the Android Auto/CarPlay support dongle for the best sound quality.

Audi A4, A5, S4, S5: B9 platform with MIB: Without factory navigation

Audi A6, S6, RS6: C6 Platform with 3G MMI

Audi A6, S6, A7, S7, RS7: C7 Platform with 3G MMI Plus and MIB

Audi A8, S8: D4 Platform with all 3G MMI Plus

Audi Q7: 4L Platform with 3G MMI 

Audi A1, Q3 without MMI navigation 

Some models may not support steering wheel control buttons depending on the type of the multi-function steering wheel. In this case, only MMI console knobs would work.  

- Add Apple CarPlay, Android Auto  and ScreenPlay(wired screen mirroring over USB) to your existing infotainment system

- Plug and Play

- Support Audi's original vehicle mic

- Multi-function steering wheel buttons and MMI buttons and knobs are fully functional* (Except some steering wheel models)

- Wired screen mirroring over USB for Apple iPhones and certain Android Phones(Samsung, LG, Huawei, but not Google Pixels)

*This is just a multimedia interface and does not run any iOS, Android Apps by itself.

*This isn't a mirror link box with WiFi capability, thus AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Chromecast, and DLNA are not supported. Also, no Bluetooth capability - use your factory BT.

*Two analog video inputs are not for an automatic reverse cam, but for external DVD player, DVR, and/or Dashcam. It will not switch automatically when in reverse.

*Professional installation recommended

* Use ONLY Apple MFI certified cable to connect with your iPhone. Use only USB-IF certified USB-C to USB-A cable for Android Auto

* MMI version BNAV_XXXX_XXXXXX is completely Not Supported

Package contents

1 x interface box

1 x Main cable harness

1 x LVDS display signal cable harness

Installation and instruction manuals

D4 Sedans (A8, A8L, S8)

C7 Sedans (A6, A7, S6, S7, RS6, RS7)

4L SUV(Q7)

8V Sedans (A3, S3, RS3)

 Software Version 5.0.4 with Android Auto feature test