360 Surround bird-eye view camera package for Audi

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360 Surround bird-eye view camera pkg for Audi

  • Perfect bird view (aerial view, round view, or panoramic view) of the car surroundings
  • 4 Channel recording from the 4 cameras
  • HD COMS chip lens, night vision function, waterproof;
  • The panorama is both driving assistance system is the tachograph system, integration of resources. Compared audio reversing radar, more intuitive security, the traffic, parking, raised to the highest level of safety;
  • 360-degree panoramic imaging system parking, loading four HD COMS camera.

Brief of the recording function:
1. The system will automatically start recording when the engine is on, with loop recording for every 5 minutes. For a 2GB TF card, it can last about 1 hour.
2. When the car is ignited and the monitor doesn't show the video from the cameras, the system will record in the background. The bird view and the front view will be recorded.
3. When the car is ignited and the monitor is showing the video from the cameras, all the scenes displayed on the monitor will be recorded. ( It could be the bird view and one view of left, right, front, or rear view).
4. There will be an USB interface with the system which can be used to connect a PC to copy data from the TF card.


Packing list

  • Control box*1
  • camera*4
  • Infrared receiver*1
  • Power cable*1
  • Extension cable of camera*4
  • Calibration cloth*4
  • Vibration Sensors*1
  • Remote control*1(Without battery due to Airline limitation )